By default, the package of Speedify has two main characteristics:

  1. The bonding of channels combines many connections in one for a better internet quality.
    So, it’s not the software which is the same, it’s the same principle working for every device. Furthermore, you choose the most appropriate network protocol for VPN – Transmission Control or User Datagram.
  2. What is a “failover”?
    Imagine yourself streaming online and suddenly losing the Wi-Fi network. In any other case, the video would simply stop without switching to your cellular network, for example. Not the Speedify – this app will switch to the 4G connection without the need to refresh the page.

What about the VPN and protective functions? Speedify has been using ChaCha or AES types of encryption. They are continuously switching depending on the Mac processor ability. There’s one more part of a puzzle – DTLS over a UDP protocol to give you extra security when browsing through Gmail or Facebook.

But most of all, Speedify values quality, so the encryption is not always in the first place; in fact, you can even turn off this function as users say.


Speedify VPN: Download from the Official Website

There are different options for Windows- and Linux-based gadgets to review; you can choose one for Mac or take the appropriate cell phone version. During the first month of using the storage will get optimized for 10 GB without a charge. You can always upgrade if there’s a need for more cyberspace!

This VPN app will not log your traffic; it allows using Torrent due to P2P servers. Upload speeds are proven to get 178.4 % from the base speed after testing the program; however, the download speeds have dropped when jumping to 4G connection from a smartphone.


Speedify VPN: Review of the Common Aspects

Speedify VPN is great for many reasons: you can safely move data to the cloud (great for photographers); you won’t lose a connection when streaming videos and, more importantly, you will get the extra protection of your calls if turning on the encryption system.

The only cons developers should look into are download speed (which is dropped because of a channel bonding) and the Windows interface proved to work better on mobile and not PC. It’s one more proof of getting Mac as your priority device.