Nowadays viruses appear almost every day, that’s why software can’t be absolutely effective at fighting malicious programs, that attack your Mac. Since a private info is in the high-risk category it is essential to find the solution of security problem. 

Softether VPN Client is a japanese software. elaborated in the University of Chucuba (Japan) and distributed by Mitsubishi company (now it’s independent corporation). The main purpose of the product is to supply users with high level of security and privacy.

The service is enormously speedy, uses logging mechanism, applies constant monitoring and alerting, but what is more surprising – this program dispose lots of virtual hubs, thus all server’s copies serve their clients in within one big server. Also it has built-in firewall and makes available shaping traffic by user groups or by specific users. As any software there are some disadvantages, for example, possible buffer overflow and memory leak.


Step-by-step: how to download Softether VPN Client for Mac

In a case you have already decided to entrust the protection of Mac to Softether, here is a detailed and short guide on how to do it without efforts. So you need to:

  • Visit the official website 
  • Choose the category ‘Download’
  • Select ‘Download Softether VPN’
  • After redirecting press on the correct component ( ‘Client’ ) and platform ( ‘Mac’ ) and CPU
  • Then save and launch the program
  • Greetings! Now you surf the Internet safely!

In conclusion, the agency provides a huge range of subscription plans, since everyone is able to choose what he o she wants and is supposed to afford. 


To sum up: how to use Softether VPN Client and is it worth to pay attention

Generally, Softether VPN Client is a really convenient program, that offers anonymity and high level of privacy. It is not dangerous in use, since the service fights with any malicious software.

There many pros of its usage:

  • adaptability;
  • robust servers, that provide unlocking of geographical barriers;
  • high quality of displayed content;
  • firm blocking policy according to advertisements;
  • flexibility (users are allowed to use it for many gadgets at the same time);
  • downloading as browser extension, etc.


But I should mention cons too:

  • lack of offered countries;
  • connection from smartphone is not so effective as from PC;
  • complexity for non-experienced peopleñ temporary failure issues, et.


To gather all facts together, Softether VPN Client is definitely good variant for your Mac.