Browsec is a tool that allows Mac-users to circumvent websites by using virtual private network technologies. It has extensions for the most popular browsers – Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

Browsec performs its activity directly from the browser. The principle of operation remains the same –  Mac is connected to the service and receives a network address from a remote server, usually located in the territory of another country, and then can easily access previously blocked resources, as if on behalf of someone else.

How to download Browsec

The product is distributed free of charge, however, those who want to support the project can purchase the Premium version. To get the tool for Mac you should go to the App Store and download it. After the installation, you will create your profile and adjust it to your needs. It works as an extension for Safari and other browsers.

Running this VPN is beyond easy with the one-click interface. The module might need some time, about a few seconds, to connect to one of the remote servers. The service has a customization tool, unfortunately, it offers a small number of possibilities. Virtual geolocation still remains in beta.

Browsec VPN review

Browsec is not only used to circumvent Internet bans. The developers also created the app to protect user data from intruders who might try to intercept the traffic and retrieve the information they need, such as passwords from accounts.

The instrument has some benefits. It’s nice that they launched the advanced browser for Mac. However, some users in their review reportedly had trouble with access to it.

There are also four geolocation support locations available – Netherlands, Singapore, USA, UK. However, for residents of other countries, the only way to reach the customer support is to write a mail, which is not actually convenient. 

The best thing about this tool is without doubts a simple and intuitive user interface with a one-click service launch. However, many users complain about the low speed while surfing the net. With Browsec  they need more time to upload the pages,

Although many VPN services try to keep users from providing data to third parties, they themselves are also intermediaries. Browsec VPN is sometimes indispensable, but you definitely can’t trust this one for a hundred percent. What is also true is that it’s way better to purchase the complex tool which functions will provide you with the highest level of protection possible. For example, you can try Clario. Clario service includes VPN-protection, antivirus software and other useful tools to ensure the complex protection for you and your family.